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Here at Louisville Dental Associates, we use handheld X-rays to provide our patients with comfortable care when examining their mouth. This portable and advanced technology can capture highly detailed images of your teeth for faster, more convenient results. This equipment uses considerably less radiation that most imaging devices and increases safety for our patients.

Dr. Steven Yarbrough can use handheld X-rays to give patients more comfort when sitting in the dental chair and significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to give patients a diagnosis for treatment. These handheld devices are lightweight and easy to use, not involving the hassle of most larger X-ray machines. This technology will capture highly detailed images through the small device and transfer the images to a computer system for more immediate results. This enables our dentist to quickly identify issues and concerns with your oral health and provide you with more information regarding your specially designed treatment plan.

To learn more about our handheld X-ray technology in Louisville, Mississippi, contact our office today at (662) 773-5544 and schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Handheld X-Ray Example